Jesse Jacobs

Jesse Jacobs, Director of Creative Strategy at Lumentus, is a cross-platform content creator and creative strategist with expertise in social media, digital reputation management, brand building, campaign management and SEO. His passion for design, along with his discipline-agnostic experience, allows him to provide support at any link in the creative chain from preliminary research to campaign execution.

At Lumentus, Jesse helps clients launch and maintain creative campaigns that achieve their goals and engage their target audiences. Equally fluent in print and digital content production, his versatile approach ensures cohesive and effective solutions across all channels.

Jesse is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of GenFKD, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering millennials with the skills and education necessary to succeed in today’s economy. He also acts as Creative Director of Protect Our Power, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to ensuring the security of our nation’s electrical grid.

Jesse holds a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts and Entertainment and Strategic Communications from Elon University. While at Elon head copywriter of Live Oak Communications, the university’s in-house communications agency that served local clients.

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