Digital Assessments Offered to Forum Participants

SOUTHAMPTON, Bermuda – June 16, 2015 – As the world’s top hedge fund managers gather at the 2nd annual Global Fund Forum, Lumentus – a leader in online reputation management – will be a featured participant and introduce fund managers to the importance of defending their digital brands and reputations.

“Hedge funds are now scrutinized more than ever, particularly in traditional and social media,” said Christina Bertinelli, senior partner at Lumentus.  “The new reality means that managing the digital reputation and perception of a hedge fund is critical.  After all, potential investors, management recruits, rivals and peers first seek to find out about a firm on search engines such as Google and Bing.”

“Hedge funds receive more media attention than ever, and much of it is cast in a harsh light,” said Laurence Moskowitz, founding partner and CEO of Lumentus.  “Building and maintaining a strong, digital ‘fortress’ of websites, news articles, blogs, and ‘owned’ and general background information is now a mandatory strategy for both defensive and offensive purposes.  There are no longer any ‘private’ companies in the digital world – including family offices.”

Lumentus will stage an interactive workshop on reputation management at the Forum in Bermuda, and feature scenarios, hypotheticals and historical examples of how hedge funds can leverage digital media to build their brands as well as serve as the keystone in establishing a crisis communications plan, now critical components for any fund. The Global Fund Forum is a key industry event where fund managers and investors will gather June 22-24, 2015.

Bertinelli, Moskowitz, and their colleague, Adam Selig, a noted pioneer in digital reputation management, will attend the conference, provide digital assessments of attendees on-site, and be available for consultation.  They have deep experience serving financial services clients, particularly hedge funds and private equity.

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