Lumentus believes the key to understanding the first impression of your brand, business, organization, and executives is Google search results. Businesses and organizations must be strategic in effectively reaching their customers, prospects, employees, recruits, as well as the public -- and that means actively managing their online reputations, creating or enhancing value.

As a leader in the field of Digital Reputation Management, Lumentus utilizes Lightboxa proprietary technology we developed for diagnosing, quantifying, monitoring, and strengthening online reputation.

To learn more about Digital Reputation Management, download our white paper, "How to Make the Right First Impression: A Guide to Digital Reputation Management."



  • Manage your search results and own your online “namespace”
  • Create an integrated communications plan that achieves your goals
  • Leverage websites, media coverage, optimized content, executive profiles and social media to manage your digital footprint



  • Define your identity and improve how investors, employees and partners regard you online
  • Create and distribute targeted content to promote your business and objectives


Protect and Repair

  • Build a digital crisis communications plan with a reactive content strategy
  • Create relevant, accurate content to ensure your brand, company or organization is perceived with clarity; drive down inaccurate and negative results
  • Help ensure the best impression stakeholders see in search results, and less than desirable results are deprioritized
  • Dynamically manage search engine optimization to counter threats