It’s no secret that a web search can make or break a company. With billions of searches a day, businesses are more exposed to potential clients and customers than ever before.

“With more than 5 billion queries a day, [appearing on] the first page of results on Google, Yahoo and Bing is more crucial than ever,” says Christina Bertinelli, a senior partner at the digital reputation firm Lumentus.

There are best practices that can be taken into account to make sure you are putting your best foot forward online. These best practices revolve around the content creation that is consistent, relevant and that sometimes invokes thought leadership. You can start by creating a LinkedIn profile and a website through WordPress. You should be adding relevant content to your website in the form of 400-500 word posts weekly in order to rank for your desired search term.

“Essentially, your business card is your Google search, and you have to think about it in that way,” says Bertinelli. To generate more leads, she advises using Google AdWords, tailored to specific subjects and regions.

You should take a strategic approach when deciding on what kind of content to share and at what times. You want to set yourself up to have your content posted at its optimal time in order to have as much engagement as possible. For more on this topic, check out the article in full at