NEW YORK, Oct. 6, 2016 – GenFKD (“Generation Financial Knowledge Development”) a millennial-run, nationwide organization that addresses the gap between higher education and the new economy, is expanding its relationship with Lumentus. GenFKD currently runs financial literacy and economic policy programs on 28 college campuses around the country.

Lumentus has guided GenFKD since its inception, ensuring that the not-for-profit advocacy organization is effectively reaching its target audiences – primarily students and recent graduates – through a multi-faceted, multi-platform approach ranging from traditional public relations to state-of-the-art social media.

GenFKD also benefits from Lumentus’ holistic communications strategies, which provide the organization with the research, content and tools to reach millennials with complex financial concepts, simple advice on the job market, and pocketbook economics.

“We’ve expanded our professional ties with Lumentus because the firm has been a consistent source of guidance and direction from our founding in 2013,” said Justin Dent, GenFKD executive director and co-founder. “Our goals are far-reaching, and we rely on the firm because it adapts to the lightning-fast changes in communications technology and has complete understanding of our key topics.”

“We are very proud to have taken a concept, built its business plan and budgets, obtained funding, recruited a team to build a nationwide organization on college campuses and, notably, online and across social media platforms and to have guided the project to success,” said Laurence Moskowitz, Lumentus chief executive and managing partner. “The challenges of reaching millennials with messages that resonate in such a rapidly changing media landscape keep our professionals at the top of their game. This experience enables us to bring those cutting-edge skills to other corporate and association clients.”

For more information on the organization, visit or contact for interview requests with GenFKD’s leadership or any of the student fellows on 28 college campuses in seven states and Washington, DC.