Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn, Creative Manager, is a visual communications strategist with expertise in digital and print design, brand awareness, social media, and customer outreach. She is responsible for conceptualizing and developing visual content as well as providing creative solutions for clients at Lumentus.

Before joining Lumentus, Laura constructed and distributed digital newsletters, designed print and digital ads for the U.S., U.K., and German markets, and developed UI prototypes for a new website at hi-res music store HDtracks. She also produced projects for sister record label Chesky Records, which included album covers and promotional materials for artists like Macy Gray, Meiko, Casey Abrams, and Camille Thurman.

Laura is also experienced in performing revenue analysis of marketing campaigns, resolving website front-end issues, and creating content for website blogs and the multitude of social media platforms.

At Lumentus, Laura uses her eye for design to create visually engaging projects that are highly customized to achieve each client’s goals.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Elon University.