Crisis Communications Plan

Whether we assist in developing a dynamic crisis communications plan during good times or need to enter an emerging or even raging crisis issue, we are deeply experienced across a wide range of industries and situations. From fictitious Tweets to government investigations to cyber-crime or “black swan” external events, corporate reputations that took years, decades or even centuries to build can be engulfed in flames in moments. We have the experience advising and helping to protect client reputations across dozens of Page-One events over decades.

We bring the digital savvy, traditional media experience, technological prowess, legal and corporate understanding and fast-footed team to help manage client reputations through the course of both short-duration and protracted crises. We ensure our clients are seen to be taking all appropriate and possible actions to take the best steps in managing, responding and resolving the situation.

Crisis Communications Strategies

From product recalls to employee violence to natural disasters to fraud or information breaches, we bring decades of experience in assessing and managing the situations, carefully working with management and other outside consultants to:

  • Assess the scope and likely duration of the situation
  • Develop a dynamic SWOT analysis
  • Establish internal and external communications protocols
  • Institute real-time monitoring and analysis of online and traditional news and social media
  • Work to determine other outside allies and potential enemies
  • Create traditional media and online content strategies to manage or counter negative commentary
  • Ensure the strongest search engine optimization is utilized
  • Identify or secure strong third-party advocates or spokespeople
  • Coordinate inside client communications efforts and other outside counsel or consultants
  • Develop “end-game” plans for the concluding periods of the situation and the “day-after” strategy

Our proprietary crisis communications strategic planning process has been developed through the course of decades and has been battle tested and continuously improved through managing crises of virtually every scenario.