FMC Technologies



FMC Technologies, Inc. (FMCTI), a provider of equipment and services for the energy industry, has approximately 18,400 employees operating 30 production facilities in 16 countries, with customers in many more. With its global footprint, FMCTI interfaces not only with a diverse array of customers who speak different languages and have different needs, but also with different segments of the oil and gas exploration & production industry.



FMCTI needed to refresh its brand identity to maintain competitive differentiation and one voice, and to communicate the same vision to both internal and external audiences. This brand identity needed to be flexible enough to accommodate individual elements that might emerge unpredictably as FMCTI evolves, in terms of both technological innovations and acquisitions that would give FMCTI new capabilities.


Tactics Employed:

Together with our client, we developed an expansive rebranding program that touched upon every aspect FMCTI communications, from major multimedia campaigns to the look of its technicians’ hard hats. The updated brand identity conveys FMCTI as an “ahead of the curve leader” in technologies and services for the oil and gas industry.

From a design standpoint, Lumentus created an updated graphics system with a visually bold, action-oriented style that established a consistent look, feel and “page-presence” to help FMCTI stand out.

Another key element of the rebranding was the creation of a corporate identity manual. This manual, intended for internal use only, enables everyone who prepares communication materials of any kind for FMCTI (advertising, printed brochures and spec sheets, online communications, etc.) to communicate consistently and with the same voice. The manual includes information on layouts, color palettes, typography, logo use, photography and tone and manner.

At brand re-launch, all employees were introduced to the new materials and provided links to all new content, including the corporate identity manual, through the company intranet.


Results Achieved:

The brand guidelines helped move FMC Technologies toward more unified communications, and a more cohesive overall look and feel. Introducing the manual to all current employees and new hires ensures that all future communications will be executed in a dynamic, consistent manner.

With the new corporate identity manual, FMCTI has become one brand. Behaviorally, customers are increasingly choosing FMCTI as the “go to” company for advanced technologies and services that help to boost efficiency, reliability, safety and overall oil recovery. Survey recipients place the firm at the top of their “gainers and losers” list, with a 17% increase in response to the question, “Who do you feel is gaining ground in this market … compared to their competitors?” And, internally, FMC Technologies is seeing ever greater compliance with the corporate brand guidelines.