Confidential Client – Protection from Corporate Identity Theft


A leading private equity firm was concerned that certain executives were appearing in news reports for personal behavior and they wanted to understand how this was impacting the Company’s brand. While performing a digital audit to evaluate the company and its executives, we identified a fictitious entity that had stolen the company’s branding and portfolio of investments. This entity created fake executive profiles on LinkedIn using our client’s images. Further investigation revealed that the entity was a company based in India, and by all measures, appeared to be created to fraudulently convince investors to fund the impostor company.


The impostor entity needed to be eliminated and the fake assets purged.

Tactics Utilized:

Lumentus led an effort, in close collaboration with client counsel, to take down all of the fake assets and shut down the impostor entity. This effort included:

  • Building and executing a crisis plan to take immediate, but quiet, action
  • Coordinating and communicating with GoDaddy, the host for the fake site, to have it removed
  • Coordinating and communicating with LinkedIn and other social networks to have the impostor profile removed
  • Facilitating action to legally order the shutdown of the fake company
  • Establishing a monitoring system to ensure continued compliance and provide instant warning of imitators

Results Achieved:

All of the fake company’s assets were deleted, and we believe this was done before any fraudulent harm came to independent investors. The company has since effectively set up a monitoring system for its brand and its executives, and has taken steps to ensure that a professional and accurate profile appears on all primary search engines.