People who are active in social media know that it leads to new business.  But social media can be time consuming and hard work.  Lumentus Social is an easy-to-use online solution that helps businesses make their social media efforts more effective.

The Lumentus Social technology does the time consuming work of collecting, filtering and sorting highly relevant community, lifestyle and industry news and articles your network will want to read. Whether you decide which to share or we do it for you, this blend of news and information keeps you top of mind, enhances relationships and starts the conversation that lead to transactions.

We specialize in helping you extend the business value of social media:

  1. Social Media at adverting scale
    • Leverage social media to engage an advertising size audience with targeted messages – 1,000 local pages can reach hundreds of thousands of impressions
  2. Limited Resources and Expertise at individual sales representative or local affiliate level
    • Support franchises, sales people, agents or affiliates to improve marketing and SEO, with little additional effort
  3. Efficiently source content that is relevant to your audiences
    • Most tools help you publish but you need quality content to engage your audiences
  4. Develop campaigns tied to specific business objectives
    • Combining engaging content, social media advertising, and campaign-specific landing pages for recruitment and new client generation