Listening + Planning

With constantly evolving platforms and landscapes, a plan for long-term social media success is imperative. We help you build a roadmap for success by aligning audience, objectives, strategies and tactics in a way that achieves specific and measurable results.

Presentation + Reputation

Social media is an opportunity to present your best self online. Social media was historically considered a “nice-to-have”. In today’s digitally evolving world, it has become a pillar to the foundation of your brands reputation.

Content + Value

While the production and development of branded content spans across many multimedia types from videos to tweets to blog posts, your content must be compelling and helping to achieve your objectives. With so much content being produced today, it is imperative that the content you deliver provides value while also fulfilling your SEO strategy.

In addition, your content should align to your overall marketing and communication goals. The most successful social media programs link to other initiatives. Lumentus will help you build a content strategy that synergizes with your paid and earned initiatives to generate maximum impact.

Engagement + Conversations

Reaching the right audience is just as crucial as reaching them at the right time, which requires real-time monitoring and management. Authentic and connected conversations can exponentially drive your social media reach and relevancy. Every brand should have an engagement strategy including rules for engaging with users — in and out of network — as well as an influencer strategy to leverage networks for distribution of content and voice.

Advertising + Leads

Strategic targeting paired with real-time optimization results in ads that resonate with the community and exceed goals.

With our approach, which combines quality content creation, community management and efficient paid media, brands have dramatically cut cost per engagement and increased share of voice, channel growth and engagement.

We help brands reach specific goals including:

  • Community growth and engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Specific objective conversions
  • Overall brand exposure

Measurements + Results

Strategies must be guided by ongoing insights to continue to optimize programs and identify new opportunities. Social media activations must produce measurable short and long-term goals to properly evaluate campaign performance.

While we spend a lot of time reporting on KPI’s and delivering custom reports, we are simultaneously working to help you deliver ROI on your social media investment whether that is adapting current strategies to meet objectives or building new ones to fit your specific business needs.

Additionally, strategies can be phased to focus on reaching short-term benchmarks that still contribute to longer term goals.