Client Specific Reputation Management Strategies

Lumentus brings independent and innovative thinking to each situation to provide a comprehensive solution for our client’s specific objectives. While there are consistent tactics that can be deployed to ensure optimal results, no two online reputation management strategies are the same. Each client faces unique circumstances and regulatory frameworks. Recommending a Facebook approach to a financial services client is not necessarily appropriate, while it may be part of a solution for another industry.

Lumentus experts review the following:


  • Existing digital assets
  • Offline assets that could be migrated online
  • Assets that could be created
  • Partner assets
  • Third-party news and information
  • Search engine appearance
  • Completive and peer results
  • Relevant public filings
  • Industry ranking and publicly available analyst reports
  • News and information available on executives



Once these components are assessed, a specific client game plan is built and approved. Lumentus then sets expectations for results and measures performance against those results.