A crisis, by definition, is unexpected, severe and disruptive. At the same time, corporate boards, shareholders, consumers, governments and the general public demand new levels of both transparency and accountability. They also want you to immediately fix the problem or appropriately react to the cause of the crisis. We help guide you through what can be a long and damaging process. We work exceedingly well with other advisors, from internal and external legal teams to investment bankers and lobbyists. Our first objective is to help you define yourself, before opponents take control.

Our crisis management services:

Crisis Preparedness

Being prepared for a crisis is key to any crisis response plan. The old adage, “Whatever Can Go Wrong Will,” sums up the breadth of possibilities. Having plans, protocols, contact information, “dark” websites and back-up operations centers can make the difference between a “bump in the road,” or a destructive earthquake for your company or organization.

Crisis Planning Elements:

  • 360-degree risk assessment
  • Crisis communications strategy
  • Development and updating of crisis plans
  • Development of “dark” websites, internal and external
  • Crisis management training


Crisis Response

When a crisis arises, the impact hits rapidly and can affect companies and organizations in unexpected and extended ways. Our crisis response team provides overall and continuous support.

Crisis Response Elements:

  • Overall or collaborative crisis management
  • Rapid-response communications team
  • Media and social media monitoring of relevant news
  • Message development
  • Creation of statements, press releases, social media engagement
  • Media relations
  • Employee and other stakeholder communications
  • Third-party ally recruitment
  • Overall brand, reputation and perception management



  • Assessment of damage
  • Brand, reputation and perception rebuilding planning
  • Ongoing communications with all stakeholders
  • Audit of digital infrastructure status
  • Audit of strengths and weaknesses displayed during crisis

Case Studies

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