Your company’s most powerful advocates are already in place. Are they receiving a clear and unified message? We work with you to ensure your mission statements and values resonate with the people who matter and mobilize your greatest assets: your employees, stakeholders, leadership and the media. We help you determine who is most engaged with your organization and how you can leverage or defend yourself from their influence to orchestrate your messaging.

Strategic Public Relations

You understand your unique corporate vision. Do your stakeholders? Who you are and how you are perceived can fall out of sync. We help you to create and execute a corporate communications strategy that is forward-thinking, pragmatic and effective. In the midst of major events, we can help isolate the key messages and ensure you can both listen clearly to your constituents and reach them through the noise.

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

Profit is no longer the sole driving force of a business. Your company’s reputation and ultimate business success is often determined by public perception. Today’s customers make purchasing decisions based on a variety of factors, including socially conscious public image. We help you align with appropriate associations or advocacy groups to help burnish your brand image in a genuine and effective manner.

Case Studies

Confidential Client – Litigation Digital Reputation Management

  • When a large national online and bricks-and-mortar retailer faced a major litigation crisis, Lumentus was asked to provide...

Confidential Client – Hedge Fund

  • A leading hedge fund took a more activist role in its investments and found this change for a “private firm” was difficult...

Premier Research

  • Premier Research, a leading global contract research organization (CRO) serving biotech, pharmaceutical and medical technology...

FMC Technologies

  • FMC Technologies, Inc., a provider of equipment and services for the energy industry, has approximately 18,400 employees...

Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

  • The client’s principal product was a remarkable success story in the category and, as such, became a prime target...

FMCTI Brand Development

  • FMC Technologies, Inc. (FMCTI) provides a vast, highly sophisticated array of equipment and services...