Brand is the ultimate weapon within any organization’s portfolio of owned marketing assets. We understand the vital importance of developing, presenting and protecting a clear and compelling brand identity and offer the skills to accomplish that goal.

From logo and identity development, to brand architecture, hierarchy and guidelines, and beyond that to company, service and product naming, the Lumentus Premise of assessing the assignment from a media-agnostic perspective results in a more effectively articulated and managed brand for you.

The elements of an organization’s identity should reflect its personality and support the fulfillment of its objectives. Lumentus is strategically positioned to do just that by defining solutions with you that:

  • Deliver the desired positioning and personality to priority audiences
  • Differentiate the brand in the marketplace and to relevant target audiences
  • Reflect the organization today, yet incorporate a flexibility for anticipated (near) future modification
  • Work in a versatile and pragmatic way across the required applications and branding contexts
  • Endure the test of time
  • Implement and maintain in real world environments

The Lumentus branding process is one that begins with Discovery by assessing the business objectives, the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, the legacy and consumer and digital history of the product, service or company and the aspirations you envision. Our business skills help bring balance to the process and reality to budget constraints.

As communications professionals with 250 years of combined experience in the news media, advertising, corporate communications and business management, we know that a great brand could be squandered if it is not launched, promoted and sustained. Thus, our process ends with engagement, defining a communications plan that will ensure the brand is known and understood by key internal and external stakeholder audiences.

In the end, we deliver a brand developed to be strong in all media, resonant with all audiences and – above all – consistently presented.


Event and Launch Marketing

Events and launches are not only important for those who attend, but also for those who don’t. Control the conversation before, during and after an event – be it an annual shareholder’s meeting or the launch of a new organization – by speaking to your audience through unique and compelling visual, written and graphic content.

Case Studies

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FMC Technologies

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FMCTI Brand Development

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