Litigation Communications Management

Even when companies or organizations β€œwin” a high-stakes legislative or legal battle, their reputations and perceptions may be permanently damaged. Media, bloggers, and antagonistic advocacy groups can seriously damage client reputation during and after the actual lifespan of the issue.

We have extensive experience working with clients, their inside legal teams and outside law and lobbying firms. Working alongside counsel, we construct a communications strategy that tracks the likely course of the legislative debate, create the most compelling explanations and establish allies and communications channels with your stakeholders.

Social media tools can dramatically amplify these efforts. The proprietary Lumentus Social technology can be key to ensuring this all-important capability is used to its greatest effect. The technology supports and amplifies advocates both within and outside your organization by providing them easy-to-use tools to effectively leverage social media and respond rapidly to external attacks.

Our experience as former journalists and corporate communication executives, coupled with our renowned digital expertise and technology platform helps ensure we help define the issue and communicate that definition to all stakeholders. Most importantly, as experienced business founders, owners and managers, in publicly traded and private companies, we know that realistic goals must be set and that the playing field may constantly change.

The Lumentus Premise is key to our growing reputation as experts in managing communications around both legislation and legal proceedings. By viewing all communications approaches – advertising, public relations, social media, internet content – we bring perspective and capabilities that are unique. We also maintain a strong network of outside lobbying experts, business, trade and other influential organizations that can help ensure the most successful outcome in the long run is actually realized.