Hedge Fund Case Study

Hedge Fund Manages Online Reputation

Confidential Hedge Fund and Principal.



An activist hedge fund was at risk of losing investors due to negative Google results. With no digital presence, controversial headlines and legal issues defined the firm and its leadership, resulting in 
a struggle to secure new investments.


Create a content strategy to raise the profile 
of the fund and it’s principal, allowing them 
to define themselves online, while suppressing the negative search results.

  • Website with a blog and executive profiles for the hedge fund
  • Personal website for the principal, highlighting philanthropy, investment technique and additional information
  • Social media handles for firm and principal
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to promote positive content


Lumentus’ content strategy effectively pushed the negative content off of page 1 of Google, driving the owned content and social media sites to the top results for the fund and principal.