Young America



Following the financial crisis and the surge in youth unemployment, Lumentus was approached by the Marcus Foundation to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting millennial financial literacy without the political bias of preexisting organizations on the left and right.



Our goal was to create a national online movement supplemented by an on-campus college outreach program led by student leaders, Once this outreach program was established, our objective was to guide and advise the organization’s staff to ensure that they remained on-message and continued to expand program reach.


Tactics Employed:

As an agency, Lumentus first navigated the legal hurdles of incorporating a nonprofit organization, defining the organization’s vision and hiring a staff of five qualified and passionate young persons invested in the mission.

We helped the staff build a strong, unified brand around Young America’s mission and vision by creating GenFKD (Generation: Financial Knowledge Development), Young America’s inaugural campaign. Positioning Young America a non-partisan nonprofit, Lumentus helped design two websites and social media assets in line with these unique values. The website launches and successive updates were promoted through a targeted campaign, amplified by daily ads for content updates.

Concurrently, we worked with the staff to recruit eligible and interested college students on college campuses in key states to build a grassroots campaign to complement and augment our online efforts.


Results Achieved:

Nine months after the August 2013 launch, Young America had exceeded its launch targets and received increased funding to expand the grassroots campaign from 10 campuses to 25.

Lumentus has continued to advise the organization, providing continued communications, positioning and event marketing support. As of Q4 2014, Young America had:

  • Expanded to 25 campuses in 6 states
  • Developed a social media following of more than 50,000
  • Developed strategic partnerships with more than a dozen organizations and was in the process of building a national speaking tour
  • Hosted a national conference near Washington DC in November 2014 with attendees from more than 30 college campuses and 10 states