FMCTI Brand Development



FMC Technologies, Inc. (FMCTI) provides a vast, highly sophisticated array of equipment and services to the oil and gas exploration & production industry: subsea systems; surface wellhead equipment; valves, pumps and other fluid control systems; measurement solutions; separation technologies and blending and transfer systems. With such broad offerings, FMCTI’s visual identity was often disparate and the depth and reach of the brand was not fully leveraged.



One advertising campaign was required to unify the various products under a single, powerful brand umbrella. The objective was to create an overarching advertising format that would work for the diverse technology FMCTI sells and to unify everything with a theme that would appeal to each market segment.


Tactics Employed:

We realized that every buyer relies on FMCTI to keep complex and expensive projects moving on time and on budget. A single day’s delay results in millions of dollars in extra costs and lost revenues. And what makes FMCTI equipment so reliable? The people behind it. The solutions-driven engineers who design the sophisticated equipment and the solutions-oriented technicians who install, maintain and repair it.

From this insight, we defined:

  • The benefit: “We put you first. And keep you ahead.”
  • The character of the ad campaign: Dynamic colors. Aggressive headlines. Real people. Simple copy (save the specs for the sales reps). A visually bold, action-oriented style.

For media planning, we focused on key print and online industry journals with the greatest audience value to the client, combining global trade journals with regionally relevant titles – and languages – in key growth geographies.


Results Achieved:

As a result of the distinguishing campaign approach:

  • Ads have been recognized for stopping power in syndicated readership studies.
  • The campaign has been recognized with an internal FMCTI Technologies award for excellence.
  • The advertising themes have been integrated into the company’s major tradeshow exhibitions via booth graphics and other high-profile sponsorship materials.
  • Syndicated industry research shows improvement in brand preference, perceptions and perceived marketplace momentum.