Confidential Client – Hedge Fund



A leading hedge fund took a more activist role in its investments and found this change for a “private firm” was difficult because it had no platform to have its voice heard. While they were able to generate press, the articles were inconsistent and most failed to fully articulate their position. After the initial news hit, their story was lost to most audiences. The company and people with opposing views had significant relationships and digital assets to continue to promote their position.


Goal Objective:

To build a digital platform for the Hedge Fund to distribute, monitor and reinforce their positions.


Tactics Utilized:

  • Created a detailed digital communication strategy.
  • Enhanced website, through expanded executive profiles and news section, as well as the addition of search engine optimization.
  • Created and fortified other online assets to increase the reach and impact of their message.
  • Collaborated with the Company’s public relations and legal advisors to ensure all public communication is properly optimized for reach and visibility.
  • Provided additional digital distribution of press releases.
  • Daily monitoring of issues with alerts based on key parameters.
  • Monthly analysis of overall trends.
  • Tracking of specific firm focused topics globally to identify trends and opportunities for strengthening digital footprint.
  • Continual modification of tactics to strengthen results and adapt to competitive forces.



Through our monthly reporting we demonstrated a significant increase in the reach of key messages in relation to the opposing view. Our client has since won a number of high profile battles – obtaining board seats and other concessions from management.